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AHAHAHAHA! After 10,000 years, I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth!

Hey jerks!! It’s been almost four years since last time we posted any new content- of any kind- on here. Well, we have just one thing to say-


And we’re gonna try to make the site updated as regularly as we can. I’m not willing to make any promises about when posts will or won’t go up (for now, anyway- not until we get a little more stable and used to doing this again) but I can tell you that pretty much the entire gang of fools is here………. and maybe one or two new staff writers?????? Only time will tell!! But for now, bask in the knowledge that We Have Returned!! Our first new post will probably go up in the next day or so, and it’s one we’ve been sitting on for a while. We promised the followup just a couple months after starting this blog, and for whatever reason, it just never ended up happening- ironically, it’s the catalyst that made us decide to start the site back up again.

So, long story short- get ready for more content from the best place for all your homebrew tabletop gaming needs!

The Chief (you don’t even want to know how much money I spent to get the gang back together)


Dropping Kayfabe

Back in October of 2014, my friend and I decided to compile all our D&D notes into one place. We decided to do that online, so both of us could access it whenever we wanted to, namely since neither of us would typically be using it at the same time. After some initial discussion about the style and layout of the contents, I was told to “do something that’s easy to read, and navigate”. About that same time, we decided to turn it into an actual, proper website, that other people would go to and use and stuff.

The decision was made to launch about a week before the 31st, because we had a bunch of Halloween-related material to post. Over the next few weeks, we changed the layout once or twice, reworked the column schedule a few times, and added or subtracted features as we saw fit. By the time we hit January, it had turned into the homegrown repository of class you all know and love.

From the very beginning, this website has only been run by the two of us.  Yes, we have multiple “staff writers”, but every single article on this website was written by one of two people. I write under the names “The Chief”, “Meepo”, and “The Mysterious Dr. X”. My compatriot uses “Pain”, “Hicks/Snout”, “Doderman”, and “GP Humongous”.

Now, as regulars of this blog might notice, the articles that appeared like clockwork, every week, were the ones written by me, and the ones that eventually stopped appearing altogether were the ones written by my friend. There’s a simple explanation for that- he got busy. I didn’t. I still had time to do it. He did not. So, he was eventually forced to stop contributing.

My friend got a new job about two and a half months ago, so he had to continue to not have time to contribute, on a more long-term basis than before. (Up until then, he would occasionally spend an entire day just writing articles every couple weeks, then I would sweep in and parcel them out, once a week or so, to make them last as long as possible.) But then. Oh, but then. I also got busy. At right around the same time, I also got a new job. Now, both of us were working 40 hours a week, not to mention the kids and wife my friend has. Neither of us really had time to do it any more. (Sure, some of you might point out that lots of people that work 40 a week still have time to do other stuff. Do you remember the miniature series of game review articles I wrote? Those took me like nine hours to write. Each. And I did like seven of them. Or, do you remember how the format of the weekly Interviews changed after only a few months? It’s because those bastards would routinely take me six-plus hours to write. Each time. There’s no way I’d be able to work and have that kind of writing output.)

What I’m trying to say is, this website took up a LOT of our time, and we had very little to show for it. I’m gonna be really real with you guys, we got basically no response. We set up an email address to talk with our readers, and we never got a single message. I can count on one hand the number of comments and likes we’ve gotten on all our articles combined. And occasionally, we might get a couple visitors to the site. Like, a couple a week. But generally, I would log in every couple days to notice the “stats” page still completely barren, just like the last time.

So, like, I said, we spent assloads of time trying to make this website everything it could be and more, and we got no meaningful response. After a while, we both kinda had the same realization at the same time- “should we even keep doing it?” The question became a moot point when we suddenly realized we didn’t have the time to do it, regardless of whether the desire was there. But the seed had been planted.

So, back in early April, my friend turned in what would become his final (as of this writing) batch of articles. I don’t think neither of us knew that at the time, however. And after that, when he was no longer contributing, I fell back into my standard response that regular readers of this blog will recognize, because I’ve done it several times- multiple articles in a row all about the same thing, and making the articles I write longer to try to make up for the fact that I’m the only one writing them. That’s where my series on Fallout came from, that’s where my series on The X-Files came from, that’s where the idea of reviewing RPGs came from, that’s where the Traiters In Our Midst column came from, that’s where my Mad Max articles came from, et cetera.

It eventually got to the point where, when I said “time to write a new article”, that would be pretty much the only thing I had time to do that day. As such, everything else that I was supposed to be doing got pushed to the background. That’s why, in early June, I took two weeks off- I finally needed to do those other things I didn’t make time for any more. (And in case you were wondering, when I was talking about “trying to get GP and Pain back to writing again” in those updates, I knew when I wrote them that wouldn’t happen).

Unfortunately, I took those two weeks off, then immediately after that, I got my job. I tried to still keep it going for a couple weeks, but it just wasn’t working. You might have noticed that, after the Great Hiatus was over, the articles got noticeably shorter- a handful of plot hooks, a reminiscence about a former game, a new item, a Traiter article (which is just me typing out stuff I already have on a list), and a couple Interviews whose format was specifically designed to be easy and quick to write (that’s why it’s the same questions each time). But even that was just too much for me. I just didn’t have time any more. And since I had to assume my partner in this endeavor was out of the game permanently (remember, by this point, it had been almost three months since last time he wrote anything for the site- or even logged in to it), if I stopped doing it, that meant that was it. As the only listed executive still actively involved in the production, it was up to me and me alone to make the decision as to whether to continue on. I ultimately said “I cannot”. I felt it was a disservice to the website, the readers, and our original intentions to attempt to keep this website limping along.

I’d rather this website produce no new content, then low-quality content.

So what does this mean for you, the Doderman Disciples? Well, the website will stay up, hopefully forever (remember, it was originally created to merely be a place to keep all our notes- that never changed), so you will still have access to all our top-quality articles and writings. As for the future? I would like this website to produce regular content again, but I just don’t see that happening without other people contributing as well. I enjoyed writing for this website, and want to do so once more, so this definitely will not be the final update the site ever sees, but since it eats up so much of my time, I don’t think it’s gonna be a regular, common thing any more, unless things change. But like I said, there will definitely be more articles. Eventually.

Roll those dice!
The Chief


Hahaha, well hello, fair Earthmen! It is I, The Mysterious Dr. X, to bring unfortunate tidings to you and yours!

According to the instructions of my coworkers, it is something called “ID4- The Day We Fight Back” tomorrow. Apparently aliens invade every year on that date or something??? Anyway, since I handle science-fictiony matters, I was asked to please refrain from updating in deference to this most holiest of somber anniversaries.

So, uh, that’s what I’ll be doing. See you next week.

(SIDE NOTE- anyone else ever notice that, every time a holiday rolls around, it always lands on MY day to write an article!?!?)

The Supposed Interview

Hey, guys. Meepo here. I had put the finishing touches on a brand new Interview, and wouldn’t you know it, partway through editing, the program I use spazzed out on me, removing a whole bunch of my headway on the editing and formatting of the article. Now I have to redo huge chunks of it. And to be honest, considering I was just working on it for a good several hours before this happened (and all you people that are gonna comment “hurr durr, that’s why you save”- I did save. The problem was that my save deleted itself), I really don’t feel like spending time on it right now. So, no Interview this week. I’ll take some time later on this week to re-spruce it up, and we should be good to go from there.



Hello again, Larry here. After a bit of negotiating, we’ve taken care of business, and the (still truncated, sadly) staff here at the Doderman Defense is ready to get it going once again!!

First, however, a couple slight addendums to the normal schedule. First off, we’ve added a new staff writer (or, more specifically, promoted a former part-timer)! As a consequence, Chief will be stepping down as head writer of Interview With A Deity, with former co-host Meepo taking the reins full-time.

Second off, until the matter with the other writers gets resolved, the Doderman Defense will be continuing to operate at a more limited capacity for the immediate future. Because of that, the DDN will be doing what we should have done a long time ago, and are temporarily shifting our posting schedule. So, for the time being, the new update times for our content will be:

  • The Chief: Mondays
  • Meepo: Wednesdays
  • Mysterious Dr. X: Fridays

What that means for you, personally, is that that’s when those writers will update. They won’t necessarily always update with their personal columns every week. Meepo might do an Interview one week, then a Modern column next week, for example. But anyway, the writers are still putting their finishing touches on their articles (or, you know, waiting until the night before in a blind panic, whatever works best for them), so this schedule won’t actually be starting until next Monday. But I didn’t want to wait another week to let you, the beloved fans, know that your favorite stop for quality homebrew has returned!

See you right here next week, everyone!

L. Doderman (don’t worry, I’ll still be contributing occasional articles too)


Hello, readers. Larry here. As you no doubt have noticed, we’ve been operating at a limited capacity here at The Doderman Defense for the last little while. A couple of our quality content providers have been… indisposed. However, during the reduced staffing issue, we have still been just as dedicated- possibly even more so!- to continue to provide to you the same level of craftsmanship and quality you’ve come to expect from the Doderman brand.


The active contributors- namely Chief, MDX, and Meepo- have suddenly had life sneak up from behind them. And since this isn’t a paying gig for them, something had to go on the back burner.

So, rather than let a decline in article quality slip through, I have instead told them to take some time off, recharge, and come back ready and willing. Plus, with a little bit of luck, the old staffers will also be back along with them.

So as of yesterday morning (which is why there wasn’t a Modern Man yesterday), The Doderman Defense is going on a brief hiatus. It definitely won’t be more than a month, and in conversations with Meepo, I’ve pieced together that it very likely will not be longer than two weeks, maximum.

I hate to say this, adoring public, but it was this, or print bad articles. I think you would agree with me when I say this was the lesser of the two evils.

L. Doderman (see you in two weeks)

A Life Day Miracle

Yes indeed, like the wookiees of old, we here at The Doderman Defense Network hope you have a great holiday celebration today (if you’re part of a religion that celebrates a holiday on this day, or alternatively, celebrate the holiday without being part of the religion- either one is cool. We aren’t picky). Unlike the wookiees, however, we will not be celebrating with Jefferson Starship or Bea Arthur.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying we will not be posting any updates today (other than this, of course). Feel free to invite Harvey Korman and Art Carney over to tell jokes- after all, Chewie did.

L. Doderman (speaking for the entire staff)

The Doderman Defense Network Is Contractually Obligated To Be Proud To Welcome Our New Columnist!

Doderman: (grunt of pain) Okay man, fine. It’s a deal. Let’s see here, where’s my form let… (rustling papers) Ah, yes. Here it is. (clears throat) Dear readers of Blog Name, I would Personal Emotion to Action for your reading Reader Reaction, Name Of New Employee. His Or Her new column, Name Of Employee’s Column, will cover Topic in a way that will surely Preferred Reader Reaction. I myself am very Personal Opinion to have Name Of New Employee aboard, and wish Him Or Her a Period Of Time and Level Of Success career at Blog Name. (sighs) I held up my end of the bargain. Where is she?

?: So you did. Here she is.

(sound of box hitting table)

Doderman: Oh, Beatrice, you’re back! (a pause, then a gasp) You promised. You promised she would come back unharmed. You lied! One of the bishops is cracked! And… and two of the pawns are missing! You lied to me!

(brief sounds of a scuffle are heard, followed by a rustle of metal on leather)

?: You need to quit while you’re ahead, boy. Unless you want to sample a taste of my Mysterious X Ray!

Doderman: Okay, man. That’s fine. Everything’s fine. No one needs to pull out any weird radar dish looking lasers. I’m just gonna… step on out, if it’s all the same to you. (footsteps, then a door opens and closes)

?: HA HA HA! Hello, weak Earth humans! I am from a faraway planet known as Earth! We are called humans, and we are the dominant form of life on our planet- so naturally, I am dominant over you mortal humans here on your pitiful planet, Earth! I am The Mysterious Dr. X, and my trusty Mysterious X Ray will make short work of any naysayers! A quick trip to The Mysterious Dimension X will prove I am the right Earth human for the job!

The Mysterious Dr. X: But I’m here for one reason- I got lost and ended up here! Also, my knowledge of the worlds beyond the stars and beyond your species’ feeble imagination has proven me uniquely capable of talking about science fiction games, or as we call them on my home planet, “science fiction games”! Two reasons! So join me, The Mysterious Dr. X, and my Mysterious X Ray, for my new column, The Mysterious Column X, on The Mysterious Fridays X! Only on The Mysterious Doderman Defense X!

The Mysterious Dr. X (Mysterious X Ray always close at hand)

Please Excuse The Mess During The Construction

This website just recently started- four days ago as of this writing, to be precise- and as such, we’re still getting all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted, so to speak. We’ve got a lot of great content already, and we’ve got a lot more content, at LEAST that good, scheduled soon. Which brings me to my next point- the schedule.

You can see our weekly schedule of column releases on the sidebar to the right, arranged by day. An attentive reader might notice that the content so far released, um… doesn’t quite match up with the projected schedule we compiled, as far as day of release is concerned. The reason is simple- Halloween. We had a lot of Halloween-themed content backlogged, and we thought that releasing as much of it as we could before the 31st was more important than sticking strictly to the column schedule this early in the life of the website. Plus, on top of that, the writers and I came up with that schedule purely theoretically, shifting columns around to fill gaps in the week, trying to keep similarly-themed columns separate from each other as to not unbalance the flow of the releases. In practice, that specific order might not be the most advantageous, and we won’t know until we’ve run with it for a bit. For now- the next maybe week or two- things might not be posted like the column schedule says it will, but we’ll be leaving it up in the interim until we get things settled to give all you guys a feel of the kinds of content you should regularly expect, as well as a chance to get familiarized with the talented staff and the excellent contributions they’ll be making.

We’ll still be producing all the top quality content you’ve already come to expect, I can promise you that. We just ask you for a bit of patience as we get into the groove of things.

L. Doderman, OG of OGC