The Doderman Defense, a merry band of fools indeed!

The minds behind The Doderman Defense, here for your edification.

Larry Doderman– Creator, Editor-In-Chief, and Senior Arch-Tyrant, Larry attends seventh grade at West Angel Grove Middle School. There, he captains the chess team (known as The Flying Dodermans), pulls a 4.0 GPA, and has never touched a girl. Doderman admits only a single fear, that of urinating himself in public (again).

Larry calls himself “The Best DM In The World” and would get a tattoo saying exactly that, if he wasn’t deathly afraid of needles. And also 14 years old. As such, he writes articles all about a DM’s perspective on the game as head writer of the advice/op-ed column Ask A Nerd.

Gerald Phineas “GP” Humongous– A captain of American industry based out of New York. Born in 1823 to parents Robert Thomas Humongous and Martina Ellen Humongous, GP has been twice nominated for the Silliest Name Award. On weekends, GP can be found dancing at various New England burlesque clubs, under the name of “Pickle.”

If you want to talk miniatures/Warhammer, GP is your fellow. Just look for Miniature Madness.

Pain– Poet, lyricist, musician and artist, he fronts the Toledo modern alternative rock band known as Para Bellum. In between that, dodging objects thrown at him by his two sons, and playing in the dirt, he has been known to run several tabletop games at a time, and to hand roll a cigarette in like, five seconds flat.

Pain is the head writer of Not Quite D&D, a column all about, well… games that aren’t actually D&D. Even if they still use the d20 System.

Chief Righteous Beard– A paragon among the ranks of modern Draconian business tycoons. His multinational conglomerate, Butt-Corp, is both the world’s leading provider of buttfors and buttfor related parts and services, and the financier of The Doderman Defense Network. He’s also significantly richer than you.

The Chief generally spends his time thinking about d20 Modern, and as such tends to use most of his effort on this site writing about said game, under the headline The Modern Man. He is also the primary interviewer during our weekly sitdowns with deities of various types.

Hicks and Snout– A married couple, mercenary fugitives on the run from Interpol since some time in 2006. They have been spotted throughout the third world- from eastern Europe to South America to southeast Asia- though presently their whereabouts remain unknown. We certainly aren’t asking.

H/S are the ones to see if you’re looking for stat blocks- character, item, spell, what have you- a service that we like to call Stat Walmart.

The Mysterious Dr. X– Hailing from the distant planet Earth, The Mysterious Dr. X has been here for decades, and still knows nothing about our culture or society- not that he’ll ever meet anyone willing to spend enough time with him to teach him. If he ever sets the sights of his Mysterious X Ray on you, who knows what’ll happen? Literally, who would know- no one’s ever actually been shot with it. The Mysterious Dr. X spends most of his time sending people to The Mysterious Dimension X, and wondering why his office is so big, and has so many open doorways, and has so many other people using it, and why most people call it a “hallway” instead of an “office”, whatever that is.

The Mysterious Dr. X writes a column about science fiction themed gaming every week, in The Mysterious Column X. Ask for it by name- it’s not illegal yet!

If you have anything to ask, inform us of, or complain about- but don’t want to do it publicly- you can reach any of the writing staff at:


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