Transmissions From Cybertron 003: Standing Tall



The Lithones are a race of robots from the planet Lithone. They possess a very high percentage of “emotional circuits” in their computer brains, which affects their individual personalities in different ways. By nature, they are not vengeful, making them lenient towards troublemakers.

Their race features not only male and female members, but robotic “children”; the former being a societal affectation, and the latter representing a juvenile or adolescent stage. As they age, their internal nanites duplicate themselves many times, and expand the Lithones’ physiology. Lithones themselves are approximately the same size and dimensions of normal Transformers, though with a distinctly different structural geometry. Additionally, Lithones are not generally constructed with combat in mind (though some are), so they tend to be more slender, sleek or streamlined. Lithones have the ability to transform, just as Transformers do, into a vehicular Alt-mode (usually a small alien aero-spacecraft).

Societally, the Lithone people are something of a contradiction; their systems of governance and criminal justice would seem (to humans) like extremely left-wing socialism. Despite the uniformity and apparent rigidness of their society, individualism is encouraged (even rewarded), with a high value on social studies; language, history, music and art.

Technology-wise, the Lithones are a more-or-less fully “modern” space-faring civilization; approximately 5 to 10 years behind the level of technology present on Cybertron.

Where personality is considered, Lithones tend to be thoughtful, brooding, observant and generally very cranial. Many are academics, and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake is considered part of one’s duty to society. Schooling continues throughout a Lithones life-time, and so many of them treat every experience as an opportunity to record data and learn something new.

Strangely, Lithones “mature” over time; their nanites constantly self-replicating and re-configuring (which makes the Lithone “grow”), until they reach peak maximum efficiency (adulthood). This process takes 1,000 years from a Lithones’ birth to the point at which it reaches peak maximum efficiency. Aside from this caveat, Lithones are built by other Lithones, just like any other robot. Often an entire Lithone “family” will aid in the construction of a new member.

Like Cybertronians, the nanites present in the Lithone body allow them to manifest Special Powers. Lithones are, in fact, more pre-disposed to- and naturally proficient with, this ability than even the Cybertronians.


In the year 2005, the Lithone race was thought to be practically exterminated with the destruction of their home-world at the hands of Unicron. Indeed, many Lithones did die, but not all. Years later, however, Lithones have been spotted a number of times. Hovering on the brink of extinction, they desperately cling to survival, scattered in small clusters across the galaxy.

It is worthy of note that some long-range colonization and research efforts on the part of Lithones not only escaped the fate of the home-world, but have indeed flourished unmolested for hundreds of years.


Lithone Traits:

                Alt-mode (Ex): Every Lithone has the ability to assume at least 2 different forms. The primary (or robot-mode) form is (usually) a humanoid shape, and most Lithones consider this to be their “true form.”

The second form (Alt-mode) can be nearly anything. Most have some element of disguise, the usual being a normal alien aerospace vehicle that can travel freely (and undetected) among others.

A Lithone retains all of his or her abilities, base attack bonus, hit points, skills, and feats while in Alt-mode. A Lithone also retains the use of his sensors, allowing him or her to see and experience his or her environment as usual, even if it can no longer be interacted with easily. Lithones may also activate their special powers while in Alt-mode. When a Lithone changes form, integrated* weapons and equipment he or she is carrying transform with him or her. Non-integrated** weapons and gear are stored in cargo spaces (if any).

*Integrated means physically attached to a Lithone.

**Non-integrated means not physically attached to a Lithone.

Transforming is a Move-action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Lithones with a Base Attack Bonus of +5 or higher may change forms as a free action as long as it is made as part of a regular move.

While in robot-mode, Lithones are generally 1 size category smaller than their Alt-mode. This is due to the mostly-hollow nature of vehicles, which contain numerous “empty spots” for passengers and/or cargo. At any rate, this caveat is subject to GMs discretion.

A Lithone must make a successful grapple check in order to transform while grappled, and cannot transform while pinned.

Ability Scores: Bonuses to Ability Scores (and a good few other attributes) are determined by a Lithone’s Size. Consult the following table…


Size Penalty   Slam Grap. STR/DEX/CON Dimensions Reach Equipment slots Weight
Fine* +8 1 -16 -10/ +10/ 0 6 inches or less 1 1/8th lb. or less
Diminutive* +4 1d2 -12 -8/ +8/ 0 6” – 1 ft. 1 1/8th lb. – 1 lb.
Tiny* +2 1d3 -8 -6/ +6/ 0 1 – 2 ft. 2 1 – 25 lbs.
Small +1 1d4 -4 -4/ +4/ 0 2 – 4 ft. 3 25 – 200 lbs.
Medium 0 1d6 0 -2/ +2/ 0 4 – 8 ft. 6 200 – 1,000 Lbs.
Large -1 1d8 +4 0/ -2/ +4 8 – 16 ft. 5 ft. 12 .5 – 5 tons
Huge -2 2d6 +8 +8/ -4/ +8 16 – 32 ft. 10 ft. 18 5 – 10 tons
Gargantuan -4 2d8 +12 +20/ -4/ +12 32 – 64 ft. 15 ft. 24 10 – 50 tons
Colossal* -8 4d6 +16 +32/ -4/ +16 64 – 128 ft. 20 ft. 30 50 – 1,000 tons
Immense* -16 4d8 +20 +38/ -4/ +20 128 – 500 ft. 40 ft. 40 1,000 – 10,000 tons
Vast* -32 6d6 +24 +46/ -4/ +24 500 ft. – 1 mile 100 ft. 50 10,000 tons and up
Planetary* -64 8d8 +28 +54/ -4/ +28 1 mile and up 1/4 mile 100 (Special)


*Note (1): These are not generally viable choices for PCs, but for NPC villains.

Note (2): You may notice that Lithone Dexterity bonuses follow a particular curve; this reflects their uncanny ability to be mobile, a trait that some say has contributed greatly to their continued survival as a species.

Note (3): Garg. = Gargantuan, Col. = Colossal, Imm. = Immense, Plan. = Planetary. Special: Characters of Planetary Size generate their own gravity, and therefore technically have no weight (they still totally do have mass, though).

Damage Reduction: 5/Energon (Su): All Lithones have Damage Reduction: 5/Energon, regardless of which form they take. A Lithone’s natural attacks overcome this damage reduction, as do any weapons whose striking surface (or munitions) are made of Energon.

Resist: 10 (fire, acid, cold, sonic, electrical) (Su): All Lithones resist the first 10 points of damage from fire, acid, sonic, cold and electrical attacks and effects. This resistance stacks with a Lithone’s damage reduction, making them particularly resilient. This is due to the extremely advanced alloys and engineering that compose their bodies.

Living Machine (Su): A Lithone is a living machine; a uniquely evolved robotic life-form of a type all their own. As such, they possess the following traits…

  • Low-light vision.
  • Immunity to biologically-based poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects, and any effects that depend on breathing, including drowning and suffocating.
  • Cannot heal damage on their own, but often can be repaired by exposing them to a certain kind of effect (see the creature’s description for details) or through the use of the Repair skill. A Lithone still benefits from Fast Healing in spite of this fact.
  • Lithones who possess the Treat Injury skill may use it instead of Repair skill checks to restore HP damage to other Lithones (and most other robots).
  • Not at risk of death from massive damage. Immediately destroyed when reduced to -10 hit points or less, though certain special abilities can increase this value.
  • Because their bodies are a mass of advanced alloys, Lithones are hard to destroy. They gain bonus hit points based on size, as shown below.

Fine-Tiny – 0 HP                                                Huge – 30 HP

Small – 0 HP                                       Gargantuan – 40 HP

Medium – 10 HP                               Colossal – 50 HP

Large – 20 HP                                     Immense – 60 HP

  • Lithones do not eat (unless they are modified to do so), sleep (but they may choose to enter stasis for various reasons), or breathe.

Fast Healing 1 (Su): Active nanites within a Lithone’s body keep it in a perpetual state of slow regeneration. They recover HP and Ability Score damage at a rate of 1 per hour. The Ability Score damage restored in this way applies to each damaged ability. For example, a character with 2 points of Strength damage, 24 hit points of damage, and 2 points of Dexterity damage would recover 1 point of Strength damage and 1 point of Dexterity damage and 1 hit point of damage after 1 hour.

Move Your Body (Ex): Lithones are intrinsically adept at moving their bodies, whatever form that may take. As such Lithones receive +10 racial bonus to either Drive, Jump or Climb (as appropriate per GM’s discretion and choice of Alt-mode), Pilot (for aircraft and other flying Alt-modes), or Swim (for watercraft and other waterborne Alt-modes); Lithones may always choose to Take 10 on any thusly-affected skill, even if distracted or threatened.

An Extension of Me I (Ex): Lithones automatically gain proficiency with any and all weapons that are part of their Alt-mode(s). Any such weapons are considered natural weapons, which -with the exception of ranged weapons- overcome a Lithone’s damage reduction.

Awesome presence (Ex): Lithones are overwhelming creatures. Any creature with Intelligence 3 or greater must succeed on a Will Save (DC= 10 + Lithone’s Charisma Modifier + ¾ Lithone’s HD) whenever a Lithone transforms, attacks, charges, flies overhead or roars past. The range of this presence extends to a radius of 30 ft. x (Lithone’s HD/3, Minimum 1). Success on such a save renders immunity to that Lithone’s Awesome Presence for 24 hours. On a failure, creatures with 4 HD or less become panicked for 4d6 rounds; creatures with 5 HD or more become shaken for 4d6 rounds. Lithones are immune to one another’s Awesome Presence.

Note (1): Creatures allied with a Lithone are instead bolstered and inspired by this ability, gaining a +1 morale bonus on all Attacks, Saves and Skill checks for 4d6 rounds. This effect may only be gained once per 24 hours, per Lithone.

Note (2): Creatures with 5 or more HD than a Lithone, who are the same Size as- who possess a military vehicle or special power comparable to- or who out-number, a Lithone by 10-to-1 or more, are unaffected by this ability (within GM’s discretion).

At 1st level, a Lithone (and some others) gain a number of levels of Special Powers equal to the priority they invested in Special Powers + 3.

At level 4 and every 4 levels thereafter, a Lithone (and some others) gain an additional number of levels of Special Powers equal to the priority they invested in Special Powers + 3.

Automatic Language: Lithone. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages). See the Speak Language skill in the d20 Modern Core Rulebook.

Favored Class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass Lithone takes an experience point penalty, his or her highest-level class does not count.

Pain (shredding erry day)

6 thoughts on “Transmissions From Cybertron 003: Standing Tall

    1. Got all my information from 2 sources: the first, the Transformers wikia, specifically the G1 canon. My other source is a well-vetted nerd friend of mine and veritable G1 authority, who happens to own things like the Transformers 1986 movie production bible and many similar, behind-the-scenes kinds of material. I Don’t claim to have the final, end all, be all version of anything, just a playable version that I thought was interesting, and which I tried my best to base on original Transformers canon.
      Thank you very much for your interest!


      1. I tried to stay as close to canon as possible, but I had to make several concessions in order to make them work for the game. Those statistics were designed specifically for that purpose. I’m sorry if it’s led to any confusion, but like I said, they were not intended as any kind of “final, true, last word” in TF lore.


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